The Team

Dean Harper

Suffolk-born but raised in South Africa Dean has wide-ranging understanding of wines and how they are made.  He escaped a life in Agriculture and Insurance to follow his dream to work in the Wine Industry.

Dean sees his role at HarperWells combining many aspects of his past. For many years he worked in the agricultural industry advising on various aspects of agronomy for a large UK co-operative. He is very keen to apply this knowledge to the old adage, "a good wine is made in the vineyard". He grew up in South Africa and is excited by the changes and improvements that South African and other new world wines can offer the discerning wine lover. Dean has written over two hundred articles on wine as well as taking great pleasure in running wine events, advising on various aspects of wine and introducing people to new and interesting wines from around the world.

A regular visitor to Champagne, The Rhone, Burgundy and Bordeaux he is no stranger to the vineyards of Italy and South Australia either. If pushed into admitting a speciality he would offer 'Champagne'. "I was dragged reluctantly to a Champagne tasting about 15 years ago convinced that it was over-rated and not for me!" he admits, "but the tasting opened my eyes to what a diverse subject Champagne and sparkling wine can be, now I'm hooked!".

Dean also manages Private Client Accounts and in addition oversees the operational requirements of HarperWells.

Dean is holder of the WSET Certificate in Wines & Spirits.

Outside of the office Dean balances his love of the Great Outdoors with a fondness for the finer things in life.  A keen canoeist, he is exploring the myriad of routes throught the Norfolk Broads.  He is also a keen badminton player with a ruthless streak and a killer drop shot. 
You can contact Dean on 0844 335 8324 or by email harper@