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Ridge Vineyards Spring 2013 Releases

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Ed Wells
18 Mar 2013
Ridge Vineyards Spring 2013 Releases
Unmistakable Ridge Bottles
Ridge Vineyards Pre-Release Offer – Spring 2013

This offer includes the sensuous Estate Cabernet 2010 and remarkably fresh, complex and markedly mineral Estate Chardonnay 2011. Some of the intensely flavoured Geyserville from the small but vital 2011 harvest and its twin, the super-elegant and very focussed Lytton Springs. As ever we’ll also have a small quantity of the two flagship Monte Bello wines to offer. The 2011 MB Chardonnay is crammed with rich mountain fruit elegance and is as accessible as ever, while the Monte Bello Red 2012 is quite simply epic. The 2012 harvest has been likened to the two recent greats of 97 and 2001. Both the Cabernet and Merlot came in close to perfect and at last count 24 parcels have been selected as making the grade for the forthcoming assemblage of the blend. Winemaker Eric Baugher suggested that more may yet be included. We anticipate that this will be a true superstar to once again rival the greatest wines of Bordeaux and beyond.

Estate Chardonnay Releases (Very Limited Availability)
Bottled Nov 2012. A cold growing season again pushed harvest into October, though warm weather arrived in time to fully ripen the fruit. Each parcel was picked separately, whole-cluster pressed, and the juice put to barrel. The wines remained on their lees for ten months as uninoculated malolactic finished. Tasting, we chose the most accessible, fruit-forward lots. Freshness and complexity are provided by firm acidity and the nuanced mineral character of limestone sub-soils. This excellent wine will be at its best over the next five or six years. EB
Estate Chardonnay 2011 12 x 75cl £ 396.00
Shipment late summer this year. Prices include VAT & Duty.

Lytton Springs 2011
Bottled February 2013. Summer temperatures were again well below normal, slowing ripening. Unlike 2010, there was no late-season heat to boost sugar levels. Patience was called for. Picking began on September 20, three weeks later than usual. After natural primary and secondary fermentation, twenty-three parcels most typical of Lytton Springs were combined. Fine tannins, moderate ripeness, and bright, focused fruit are hallmarks of the vintage. This elegant zinfandel is enjoyable now, and has the structure to evolve over the next eight years. FO.
Lytton Springs 2011 Bottles 12 x 75cl £ 342.00
Lytton Springs 2011 Halves 12 x 37.5cl £ 192.00
Lytton Springs 2011 Magnums 6 x 150cl £ 354.00
Lytton Springs 2011 Double Magnums 1 x 300cl £ 136.00
Shipment late summer this year. Prices include VAT & Duty.

Estate Cabernet 2010
Bottled August 2010. A cold, wet winter set back bud-break and bloom by a month, and an unusually cool summer followed, slowing growth. In an effort to ensure full ripeness, we thinned the crop substantially. Harvest extended through October, finishing in early Novem¬ber. Cold nights chilled the fruit, delaying the start of natural fermentation until the fourth day. Each lot began malolactic spon¬taneously in tank, and finished in barrel a month later. The twenty-four parcels desig¬nated for the Estate Cabernet were blind-tasted in March, and twenty-two were selected for assemblage. This sensuous wine is enjoyable now, and will develop fully over the next decade. EB
Estate Cabernet 2010 12 x 75cl £ 396.00
Estate Cabernet 2010 6 x 150cl £ 420.00
Shipment late summer this year. Prices include VAT & Duty.

Geyserville 2011
Bottled January 2013 A long winter delayed the start of the growing season. Having escaped late spring rains, the vines set a large crop—more than an unusu¬ally cold summer could ripen. Severe thinning became essential. Harvest began September 21, and ended October 3—a day before the first rain. Twenty-four parcels were fermented, and kept separate. In late spring, during rigorous blind tastings, we chose twelve parcels to make up the 2011. Quantities are limited, but this is a superb Geyserville, showing intense fruit, and strong vineyard character. Enjoyable now, it will continue to develop over the next ten or twelve years. EB
Geyserville 2011 Bottles 12 x 75cl £ 342.00
Geyserville 2011 Halves 12 x 37.5cl £ 192.00
Shipment late summer this year. Prices include VAT & Duty.

Monte Bello Chardonnay (Very Limited Availabilty)
Bottled Feb 2012 A prolonged winter stalled the start of the grow¬ing season by a month. Cool summer weather delayed ripening, but by October produced fruit of great intensity. Each vineyard parcel was picked separately, whole-cluster pressed, and the juice racked to barrel for native-yeast fer¬mentation. The wines remained on their lees for eleven months as the natural secondary slowly finished. In late-summer tastings, we selected the most accessible lots for this fine Estate Chardonnay. Rich mountain fruit is matched by firm acidity. Elegant and fresh, this wine will be most enjoyable over the next five or six years. EB
Monte Bello Chardonnay 2010 v.limited12 x 75cl £ 528.00
Shipment late summer this year. Prices include VAT & Duty.

*Please note, if circumstances allow, we will split cases so please ask.

Monte Bello Red 2012
In summary: An excellent year, already parallels drawn with 1997 and 2001. A full flavoured, rich and expressive Cabernet dominated wine to rival, as ever, the best wines of Bordeaux and Tuscany. Too early to start discussing nuances but this will be a wine that will age for 20 years and more from release.
Monte Bello 2012 Bottles 6 x 75cl £ 455.00 (or £560 retail)
Monte Bello 2012 Halves 12 x 37.5cl £ 475.00 (or £575 retail)
Monte Bello 2012 Magnums 3 x 150cl £ 465.00 (or £570 retail)
- UnderBond Pricing (excludes VAT and Duty) – delivery Spring 2015.

To make further enquiries or to place an order please email or call 01508 489000.
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