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Few areas make a vine work quite as hard as the slopes of the Northern Rhone. The fragrance, finesse and purity of the wines from this region is unique.

 The Northern Rhone begins just a little south of the Beaujolais region at Vienne and stretches down to Valance. It is generally considered to be the more quality focussed part of the region. Certainly the land is usually harder to cultivate forcing growers to rely on quality and not quantity for a living.

The finest steep, granite. Schist and mica slopes make the vine work for a living but the results can be spectacular. Both the intense, spicy, racy, fruit-filled reds of Hermitage and Cote-Rotie and the succulent, perfumed whites of Condrieu are not to be missed. Equally the rare whites of Hermitage, St Joseph and St Peray are impressive.